Our Family


Some call me the boss, others the wee one :), I like to go with OTSO’ first hand. I used to run an animal sanctuary from home; now I focus more on our work with the homeless, though there’s still plenty of animals about the house 🙂

Likes: Blue hair, blue objects, blue skys.

Dislikes: Cream


I’m second in hand. A plasterer by trade, but my favorite place is behind the wheel, driving food, equipment or team but you’ll always find me among the retinue handing out aid and talking with the people

Likes: Cars, Burgers and Clint Eastward

Dislikes: Plaster!

Rupert: The Helping Paw

I’m your everyday, friendly pup, who loves doing his bit: whether that is growling at the delivery driver, or giving the homeless people we meet on our rounds a big lick and frantic wag of my tail.

Likes: Peanut butter, pterosaurs and fuss

Dislikes: BATHS!


I’m as happy as a clam when it comes to singing with my friends and doing my bit with the rest of the team at OTSO every Sunday, though not so happy to be back at school the next day.

Likes: Pink, Makeup, Eating

Dislikes: Blood


It should be a farewell to arms and a wide huge to charity, that’s what they teach at school and what brings me with my sister to help out every Sunday after my morning of Roblox.

Likes: Roblox, Youtube, Reading

Dislikes: Mincemeat