Our Story

Reaching out

We are a charity based in Birmingham and our work, put simply, is to help the homeless come rain or shine. Every Sunday, we bring food, clothing, toiletries and a friendly face. It is something we are deeply passionate about and feel that we are not just helping those without a home but our society as a whole.     

My name is Emma and I started volunteering after I spoke to a homeless man in Birmingham. I chatted with him for about an hour, where he told me all about the struggles of living on the streets. It really touched my heart, so the next week me and my husband volunteered at a soup kitchen and we haven’t stopped since!

After 7 months of helping varying support groups in Birmingham (which we still do) such as GooD, on Friday evenings and Birmingham Support Group every Wednesday Evening, we decided to start our own group.   

We are now an official charity and our volunteers, from all walks of life, go out every Sunday morning, handing out what companies and the public have kindly donated, and spending the time to talk and interact with those we have come to give a helping hand.

Those who are made homeless face a harsh, isolating and precarious world. and it is our aim to bring a bit of help and a loving hand to those that need it most, and to be part of the nationwide movement that will one day, hopefully, bring an end to homelessness.